Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Country Spotlight: Taiwan

1.     Why did you choose to adopt from Tawian?

I often like to tell people that we didn’t choose to adopt from Taiwan….Taiwan chose us!  We had looked into adopting from a few other countries before proceeding with Taiwan but each time that country would close its doors to international adoption.  I had grown up hearing about Taiwan and the orphanage there but never really thought Taiwan is where we would adopt from.  It wasn’t until a dinner date with another couple that had adopted from Taiwan (and are family members to the people who run the orphanage in Taiwan) that God confirmed Taiwan was the country for us!

2.     Did you adopt independently or through an agency?

Both of our Taiwanese adoptions were through a private, independent orphanage in Taiwan.  Although there are a few agencies who have Taiwanese programs (but they are mainly for older, special needs children).

3.      Is the country still open for adoption?

The country is still open for adoption but because of new laws and regulations adoptions have been moving slower than in the past, meaning that adoption wait lists are longer. 

4.     How long did it take?

Our first adoption from Taiwan took 2 ½ months (in 2007) and our second adoption from Taiwan took 8 months (in 2012).  A typical adoption from Taiwan (after referral) can take anywhere from 8 months-1 ½ years to complete depending on government closing, birth parent status, and other unforeseen issues.

5.     How many times did you have to travel?

As of June 1, 2012 the county that the orphanage is in where we adopted requires you to travel twice. The first trip is to appear in court with the birth family and the second trip is to complete paperwork, appear at AIT and bring your baby/child home. That being said, each county in Taiwan is different. To determine the number of times you would need to travel, check with the agency or orphanage with whom you are working. 

6.     What is the average cost of an adoption through Taiwan?

Adopting from Taiwan can vary in cost.  It depends on what agency you use and how much your instate fees can be.  The average cost is anywhere between $10,000-$25,000 (most of the time this includes travel expenses as well).  I would suggest that you find an agency or orphanage that best fits your family’s adoption needs and speak with someone who has adopted using that same organization or see if they have a fee chart listed on their website.

7.     What has been your biggest joy of adopting from Taiwan?

We love the country of Taiwan!  We feel SO blessed that we had the opportunity to bring home two babies from this beautiful land.  The orphanage that we adopted from was amazing and we knew the entire time that our children weren’t with us that they were being cared for and loved on as if they were in our own arms.  Taiwan and adopting from Taiwan has forever changed our lives and we are so thankful that God led us on the journey. 

Tiffany is a wife, mother, 4th grade teacher, and co-founder of Joy in the Journey. She has been married to her best friend for 10 years. Together they adopted their son in 2007 and daughter in 2013 from Taiwan. Tiffany is very passionate about adoption and loves to be a support to families that are contemplating  adoption, as well as those who are in the adoption process.

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  1. Was it easier to adopt directly through an orphanage than an agency? Is there any chance you could share with us how you did it? My husband and I have dreamed of adopting for years, but we can't find any agencies to fit our needs. Any help, contact information, or advice you could provide would be very helpful! Thanks! lbremer@hearst.com 336-813-4840