Friday, July 12, 2013

Meet Tiffany

I am Tiffany.  The final piece to our adoption lovin' threesome!
I am a wife, mother, teacher, and most importantly a daughter of our King.  God has blessed me with an amazing husband who I have been married to for 9 years.  He always supports my crazy ideas and holds the fort down when I am off “working” on my greatest passion….adoption.  I always knew that adoption would eventually be in God’s plan for my family (we will get to that in a later blog) but what I didn’t know was that adoption would take me on two of the greatest journeys of my life, bringing my precious babes home.  I have been blessed with two of the most beautiful children in the world.  Kyler, my sensitive, hyperactive, momma loving boy is 6 years old and Kenzie, my strong willed, curious, daddy loving princess is two weeks away from turning one (tear).  Both of my children were adopted from the beautiful country of Taiwan. 

Over the past several years my heart towards adoption has exploded.  I have had the opportunity of helping so many families bring their children home and I have loved every minute of it.  The one piece of advice that has stayed constant through it all is this: finding joy in the midst of waiting, beauty from ashes, seeing Jesus’ thread throughout every piece of the journey.  This was a very hard concept for me to learn when I was in the midst of my own process, but when I truly grasped this concept God grabbed my heart and allowed me to grow in Him in ways that I never thought possible.
I pray that this blog (and retreat) are a place where you can find hope, you can find support, and you can find growth…and just maybe, in the midst of all of that…you will learn to look up.  Thank you for joining us!  We are excited to see where God is going to take this dream.  Buckle up girls…it is going to be a crazy, fun ride! 

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