Thursday, July 11, 2013

Follower Appreciation Giveaway



Wow!  When we launched this blog NINE days ago, we had no idea all the love you would show us.  The response to our little endeavor here has been overwhelming and encouraging {to put it lightly}.

SO, we wanted to show you just how much we appreciate you coming alongside of us and sharing this vision by hosting a giveaway!

When we asked our friend and fellow adoptive mama, Kate Clayton, over at The Adopt Shoppe to donate a necklace for us to give, she quickly agreed and we were ecstatic.  If you don't know Kate's work, you are missing out!  She has used her creativity and savvy business skills to create an amazing business.  Kate's pieces are rare and handmade and almost impossible to get.  She runs these awesome quicksales on her ETSY shop {next one is up tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m. central} and sells out within MINUTES!  To say her pieces are hot items is the understatement of the century!  OK, I'll stop gushing.  But, seriously, see why we're so excited?!

Here it is...a "No More Orphans" necklace...up for grabs!!

Wondering how to win?  You have three {crazy easy} chances:

1. Leave a comment on this post with your name and why you are following the Joy in the Journey blog.
2. Follow us on Facebook (link in sidebar)
3. Follow us on Instagram (link in sidebar)

That's it!  We will randomly pick one winner by selecting one person from each of the three entry methods and then drawing one of the three finalists to win the giveaway.  This is going to be a QUICK giveaway, so don't delay your entries! ;)  We will close entries at 9:00 p.m. Central time TOMORROW, July 12th {just in time for you to head over to Kate's ETSY sale and buy quick!;) } and announce the winner via blog, FB, and IG shortly thereafter.

Oh, one more thing...we aren't giving an "entry" for sharing this per se, but we sure would appreciate if you'd share about this giveaway!! :)

Thanks, friends!  Good luck!


  1. What a great ministry! My husband and I are new to the adoption world, and are swimming in all the paperwork! Would be blessed to win a piece from Kate.

  2. Emily Hymer - Some amazing friends, and fellow adoptive mommas started this blog and I find them inspiring!! I also know that as mommas, we need to be able to connect with women that are sharing a similar journey! Thank you for making that possible, girls!!!

  3. I started following the blog when Shannon posted about it on her Facebook page. Her family is such an inspiration and blessing!

  4. My name is Amelia, and I love the spirit of adoption. We've all been adopted into God's family if we're born again, and it's a precious gift that you can give to children when you bring them into your home as your own. Someday I hope to be able to work with orphans and we might even adopt a child (or two or three) ourselves.

  5. A close friend of mine is in the middle of the adoption process and I would love to give her that piece as a reminder of the great gift of love she is sharing with a child. Thank you for your willingness to go after the mandate God gave us to care for the seemingly unloved. I am also a missionary and I will be working at Heidi Bakers orphanage in October so this is close to my heart. Be blessed beloved

  6. Lisa Peterson - I follow this blog because I'm friends with 2/3 of the ladies making this retreat possible! {Hi, friends!! Pick me!!} ;)

  7. Bethany Cummins -- I follow this blog because I have a heart for the hurting, which includes orphans. I feel called to adopt when the opportunity and time is right and could not be more excited about it.

  8. Naomi rice: I just found you through the adopt shoppe on Instagram!! We too are waiting in a pool to adopt!! I love following different families adoption journeys!

  9. Fellow adoptive mama. Love you ladies!

  10. Oh! And I "liked" you on FB, but I don't have Instagram :(

  11. I commented- where is it?
    Just in case- shared on FB, liked on FB, following on Instagram!
    Love Kate's jewelry, already own several pieces. Love Shannon and Tiffany, don't know Jen but I'm sure I'd love her too.
    Fellow adoptive mama to one, waiting for #2.

  12. Love the necklace! Love the ministry! As Momma to 5, 2 born of my womb, 3 born of my heart, I totally appreciate the statement on the necklace.

  13. I am so excited about this blog. It is different than other blogs I read because it involves the journey's of several women, not just one. Upon connecting with other adoptive moms, you quickly realize that we all have a story. Many of them are different yet, the same because we said "yes" to the call! All six of my children (3 biological and 3 adoptive) were born in my heart, and each one were fearfully and wonderfully made.....God's masterpieces!! Thank You ladies for being sensitive to God's voice!

  14. I wasn't following before - found your blog through the giveaway... but I am totally going to be reading it now... our family is getting our feet wet getting into global orphan care and this would be a wonderful reminder to have...

  15. my comment didn't post before. oh well I will try again. I am adopting again. I am also part of the THOGL family, that's how I found the blog. Recently, God laid on my heart to write a book- basically a bible study/book of encouragement for the adoption journey. To find joy as we go through this journey and keep us focused on Him! Then the next day, you launched your blog. Coincident? I think not. Maybe someday you can use my book as part of your retreat. I would love to share information!! Can't wait to see the ride God has us all on. Enjoy the journey and enjoy the destination.

  16. So glad to see this blog!
    My husband and I have 8 children with 6 from Ethiopia.
    I am following the blog because all AP's need encouragement now and then and there seems to be a huge stigma on older child adoptions, so I am hoping you will touch on that topic at some point.
    All of our children have been considered "older child" adoptions and I couldn't be more blessed by it.

  17. So incredibly thankful for each of you amazing women. I'm so blessed to call you my friends and to walk this journey together. I love each of you and am so excited to join with other amazing mommas as well. The conference is on my calendar!!! :)

  18. I tried to comment last night, but I don't see it. Forgive me if I duplicate. :0)
    I joined this blog for so many reasons! :0)
    1. I love adoption and the beautiful picture of God's love. I also love how He used it to bring us our first daughter, who is from Taiwan.
    2. I love sharing in this journey with fellow adoptive mammas. In 1 Thessalonians 5:11 God tells us to encourage one another and build each other up. This group allows us to do exactly that!
    3. Last, but definitely not least, I love the fabulous ladies that God led to start this! :0)