Friday, September 12, 2014

When God Brings You "Risks"

When I thought about how our adoption phone call would go, the phrases “We need to talk,” “You have options” and “This baby has risks,” never came to my mind. But, that was our reality, and that was just the beginning of how God used an unexpected, miracle phone call to defy our wildest dreams and bring us our beautiful baby girl.

As waiting adoptive parents, you often spend lots of times dreaming and creating possible scenarios of how “THAT” phone call is going to go. You picture a perfect sunny day, the quiet ring of your phone, and the world’s cheeriest adoption social worker on the other line. Naturally, “THAT” phone call also comes with news of the most healthy, most beautiful, and most perfect baby ever waiting for you.

Our phone call didn’t exactly go that way. Instead, when we were called, we were asked to come in immediately for a meeting with the social worker in order to discuss an available 4 week old baby that desperately needed a home. However, as the social worker mentioned in our call, the baby came with risks that would require us to really question what our options would need to be. To complicate things even further, she also informed us that we would need to meet and make our decision on the baby within a maximum of 24 hours… yikes!

We made it to the adoption agency in record time. I mean, it was so fast that even the agency had to ask us to take a walk to get a cup of coffee so that they could finish preparing the paperwork that they needed to present to us in regards to our baby girl and whatever risks she would be bringing.

Despite the utter chaos that came with our phone call, I look back at the day and remember nothing but the peace and joy that my husband had in our hearts. It was such a joy and peace now that I can look back and say with pure conviction that it was placed in our hearts from God.  From the time we hung up that phone, something within us both knew that the “risk” baby on the other line was not meant to be a risk to us. Instead, she was designed by God to be our child, our miracle, and our sweet four-week old baby girl. She was finally here, and she was waiting somewhere nearby for us to just pick her up and bring her home to our family.
Whenever I tell the story of that phone call to someone new, I often get looks of panic from people that are quickly followed with a parade of questions: How did we ever manage? How could my husband and I have been so calm? What about those risks? What was wrong with the baby? Why didn’t you wait for a baby “without” all those risks?

My response is always so simple, but it’s nothing but the truth. As the chosen parents to this miracle baby, what in the world could have possibly kept us away from her?!? There could never have been enough risks in the world to have kept us from bringing our daughter home to our family.  She was designed for us. God picked her for us, and he picked us for her. What risks could ever be possible when that’s in mind?

As adoptive or waiting parents, we all have our stories of how our children have been, or will be, brought into our lives. They are stories that I love and cherish because no matter what the circumstances are they are always a true picture of God’s unending love and faithfulness, no matter what “risks” may be involved in our journeys to bring our miracle babies home forever.

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