I'm thankful for Our Story! Without it we wouldn't be where we are today, this is our story....We were blessed with 2 amazing biological sons Dayne in 1992 and Keagan a short 10 months later in 1993. We had struggled with infertility before Dayne so we were thrilled to be pregnant again so quickly. We love being parents and always thought we would have at least 4 children.

Daddy, Dayne and Baby Keagan

Momma, Dayne and Baby Keagan

In 1996 we got pregnant a 3rd time--again we were ecstatic, but only 12 weeks later we lost that baby---we were devastated! But we also knew we would try again and we would have more children.

It took until 1998 to get pregnant again...this time all seemed to be going great until a routine ultrasound revealed our baby had passed away. Our son Trevor Daniel was stillborn May 5, 1998. We were beyond devastated. Still we knew we wouldn't give up. We were sure God wanted us to have more children. During this period of years I had recurrent dreams of a baby girl we would have, always telling Tim that she is beautiful but that I didn't understand because she has black hair and black eyes (she looked nothing like us). We got pregnant 3 more times between 1999 and 2004. We prayed and prayed and we finally had Peace that we were not having more children. We went on enjoying the boys we have and loving life. We were thrilled God had finally showed us that our family was complete.

Spring Break 2005 we went to Disney World with the Peach family. They also have 2 boys and we all had a great time!
June 2005 Paula calls and says "hey guess where we are ALL going next year for Spring break".  She then tells us how ALL of us are going to China to  adopt baby girls! We thought she was NUTS! I mean good for them...but we have been done thinking about having more kids for over a year , we are happy, we think  we are complete. God had other plans;)

She invited us to come to an informational meeting that an adoptive family was giving at their church it was on Sunday night...ummm I work weekends....no one will work for me...Tim would NEVER  adopt....our family is COMPLETE....so many excuses I tried to use!!   The closer it got to the meeting the more we felt we might like to go.  I asked a couple people at work if they would be interested in working...nope, not surprising its IMPOSSIBLE  to get someone to work a Sunday for me....It's NOT gonna happen. So I give up...we already KNOW we are done having kids anyway....there is no use in going to the meeting!!!!  Well....GOD had other plans!   A day or two before the meeting I get a call...it's from a fellow coworker(someone I hadn't asked...or even considered because this person NEVER works extra! NEVER!) She says I hear you would like to go to a meeting Sunday and I'd like to work for you so you can go!!!!  WHAT???

So we are going  to the meeting---we are gonna go to hush Paula, but that's it! Our family is COMPLETE!

We get there and other people that are in the process of adopting are there, they are all normal ordinary people like we are. Not super rich or super stars they are just ordinary people that are going to adopt! Really? That's possible? I went to the restroom and saw Jackie there with her little 2 year old from China..they were at the sink and I suddenly felt this overwhelming feeling I hadn't felt before...I couldn't look at them, because if I did I would have cried right there in the bathroom.

We are sitting in the meeting and hearing all the testimonies of these "ordinary" people, then Jackie stands up....she brought some visual aids----her children from Guatemala and China! She tells her story and shows us her beautiful children. I cried through this whole meeting. I had never felt anything like this before. God had put all these things together so that we could be here with these people! So we could learn about this wonderful thing called adoption---He had even taken care of finding someone to work for me!!

We left and I asked Tim what he thought. I'm nervous at this point I'm thinking I would like to do this but we both have to want it! He says we should talk with the boys, we should decide as a family. We sat the boys down when we got home and asked what they would think if we decided to adopt them a sister...they both said "we aren't sure why that is even a question. There are babies that need homes and we want a baby...we should do it!"

That was Sunday night....Monday morning we called a homestudy agency, filled out the application with FTIA for China and called all our family and friends and told them we were expecting a baby!;) We started the crazy paper-chase and decided on a name!
 Ava Christine would be our daughter!

On November 17, 2005 we were officially LID (log in date) for China! we thought it would be a 6 month wait....but Gods plan is perfect and our daughter was born January 14, 2007 in China. We got THE CALL August 2, 2007. Ava's Gotcha day was October 14, 2007

    We are thrilled! Our family is COMPLETE! People ask us if we will adopt again, we say NO we are DONE.....well God is in control, He knows best! 

 August 2010...we hear about His Hands Taiwan! Some Friends of ours Donnie and Gina have just been home a short time with their little girl from there. The Dunns from Mt Carmel are working with them and we start reading about their ministry. We contact them and just inquire if we can adopt from there. We are told there is a waiting list. But we are put on the waiting for an application list. 

On November 17, 2010 we are given an application to fill out! This is 5 years to the day we were LID with Ava;)

On February 9, 2011 we were accepted officially into their program. Now the real wait begins!

We thought the wait would be short, we are impatient and sometimes forget that Gods plan is perfect.

On February 9, 2012---yes one year to the day of acceptance with His Hands we got an amazing email telling us that we have a beautiful daughter born January 12, 2012 in Taiwan! We click on her picture and we instantly know she is our daughter. She is what we have been waiting for! We are instantly in love!

On September 7, 2012 in a train station in Taiwan we are handed our beautiful daughter Kerrigan Jane! What a blessing!

As we look at these 2 beautiful Blessings, Praise God that when we said our family is complete...He said "no it isn't".

So again we think we are complete;). We are happy and thrilled with the family God has given us! We will see what the future holds and if God calls on us again then we will say yes!

The journey wasn't always easy! But when we look back we see God always had the perfect plan for us!! 
We are blessed beyond what we could have ever asked for!!!