Tuesday, November 18, 2014

When God Speaks...

 Sometimes being a mom is really hard…like really, really hard.
And naturally, as if being a mom isn’t challenging enough already, we might as well add to the pile a full-time job, a house that needs cleaned, bills that need to be paid, meals to be made, and the never ending to-do list that has to eventually be done at some point.
As a mom, it seems like there are literally not enough minutes and seconds to breathe, let alone even accomplish all that we need to get done in a day. There is always something new that needs to be addressed or completed. Not to mention, there are those days when your schedule is maxed to the limit and the baby throws up on you while you are heading out the door. My poor husband and I got to experience how fast that changes your plans just last week. (Phew, it was sure a nasty day killer!)
As a new mom, I often become overwhelmed and I find myself questioning if I am doing anything right. To make it even more complicated, there are so many articles and opinions out there that are telling you that a parent needs to do this or that for their child. One book may say that a baby needs to be read three books a day to foster language development, while a close friend tells you to be sure to swaddle the baby during bedtime. Then, once you figure out those articles or opinions, new ones arrive and contradict all that you thought you were finally doing right!
 Yet, despite all those tough days and questioning, we somehow, someway move forward.  We somehow, someway get things done, and we somehow, someway survive the day…only to get up and do the exact same thing the very next day.
I don’t know about you, but sometimes I look at all that needs my attention and I feel like I could just cry. If I am honest, some days I do just that. I just get so tired, and I feel so little against everything that I am supposed to accomplish. Especially, when all I want to do is snuggle my sweet baby. Yet, even something as some simple as that seems like a luxury amidst all the responsibilities that come along with being a parent.
During a particular bad week, I found myself looking in the mirror as I was getting ready to take on another day at work. I was going through the morning motions, still very much asleep when a deep thought just hit me…  “I cannot do this another day. I am not enough.”
As quick as that thought came into my head, I heard a voice, and it was clear as day. “I know you aren’t. But, I am.”
Up until this day, I have never heard the voice of God. But on that day, in that particular moment of utter exhaustion, I heard Him, and He heard me. He used his simple words to calm the weakness within my heart, and He graciously reminded me that I am never alone.
 I know that I, alone, am not enough. I, alone, cannot accomplish all that will come my way in my life. I, alone, cannot be the type of mother that my daughter needs and deserves.  But God is enough. God will always be enough.  And through Him, I can be just that. Through Him, I am enough. Through Him, WE ALL ARE ENOUGH.

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